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    Wanna create something new?
    Some of the most useful & easy-to-use tools to get started!


    Design / Prototype:

    Invision App - Upload images to create website prototype

    Marvel - Design & create website prototype

    Zappier - Automate 2 or more web services to work together

    Canva - Create amazing graphic design

    Piktochart - Easily create infographic

    Strikingly, Wix, - Simple website builder


    Sales / Marketing:

    Mailchimp - Simple email design & email blasting tool

    BuzzSumo - Find most shared content

    Buffer - Social media post scheduler & management

    Zopim, Tawk.to - Free livechat tool on website

    Bitly - Website URL link shortner

    Calendly - Appointment scheduler

    Google Forms - Data collection tool

    Typeform - Beautiful form for data collection

    Moz, UberSuggest - SEO: keyword suggestions

    Hubspot - Free CRM tools for sales, email tracking etc

    Snip.ly - Market your own product by sharing 3rd party content


    Market Research:

    Google Trends - Identify trending search made by people

    SimilarWeb - Identify traffic number of websites

    FB Audience Insight - Understand demographic of target audience

    Google Market Finder - Find global business opportunities

    Google Consumer Barometer - Understand internet usage across the world

    Google Correlate - Identify what people search before/after a specific search on Google.


    Business / Recruitment:

    Business Model Canvas (pdf file), Lean Canvas

    Trello - Simple project management tool

    Startup Job Asia - free hiring post for startup jobs

    Tech in Asia, E27, Beam - Tech news, event & career portal



    Learn Digital Marketing:

    Facebook Blue Print - Official learning portal by Facebook

    Hubspot Academy - Inbound Sales & Marketing [Social media, SEO, Ads, Content etc]

    Google Academy for Ads - Run Ads on google platforms

    Google Aanalytics Academy - Track your website performance using free Google Analytics tool

    Google Primer - Free mobile app to learn business & marketing


    Learn Programming:

    Codecademy - Online coding class for beginners

    Khan Academy - Coding class & many more


    Learn Product Design & more:

    Udacity (Collaboration with Google) - Digital Marketing, Design, AI, Data Science, Programming


    Useful Materials


    1. Lean Startup case studies - find out how companies like Dropbox use minimal resources to validate (test) a business idea.


    2. The Great CEO Within (PDF download) by Matt Machory

    (Formerly: Founder to CEO): How to build a category-killing company from the ground up - build great habit, team, and business.

    3. Growth Hacking materials by 500 Startups (Google Drive) @ Distro Camp KL 2017 (permitted to share): KPI, Funnel, Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing, Landing Page, Content Marketing, Social Media, Investment


    4. Resource Portal by MaGIC - Product & Services for entrepreneurs in Malaysia, from funding. competitions, accelerator programmes to media.


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