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Startup Melaka Digest 2019 #2

For Community, By Community #GiveFirst

Community Highlights 🎉🎉

  1. Game Houz, Trapo, Siasitok 🏆🏆🏆
  2. Ecommerce Talks in Melaka 🛒
  3. K7 Melaka & DSC 👫
  4. Alibaba x Melaka x Jason Low 🔊
  5. Startup Melaka: behind the scene and what's next? 📈

Game Houz, Trapo, Siasitok 🏆🏆🏆

Game Houz, a Melaka-based gaming ecommerce company, recently graduated from MaGIC's Global Accelerator Program, together with 29 startups from 9 nations. Game Houz co-founders Erhen Ooi and Yi En are also speakers of Startup Melaka events at Cradle Open Day, and E-commerce Founder Panel Sharing session.

Trapo, a Melaka-based O2O car mat solutions company, joins the inaugural ScaleUp Endeavor programme. A total of 15 companies are accepted into this programme and deemed by Endeavor Malaysia to have a potential for scaleups.

Siasitok, Sign Language AR Flashcard recently won Youth Co:Lab Malaysia 2019 and FUSE (Facing Up with Social Entrepreneurship) 2019.

Ecommerce Talks in Melaka 🛒

E-commerce in Melaka @ Bique Fest, featuring:

Carol also created a DingTalk group for people in Melaka who're interested to learn about e-commerce. If you're interested, please download the DingTalk app, and click the button below to join group.

Founder Panel: Running E-Commerce Company in Melaka

K7 Melaka & Student Developer Club @MMU Melaka 👫

New Community Hub and Community Group in Melaka: K7 Melaka & Student Developer Club @MMU Melaka

Alibaba x Melaka x Jason Low

🔊 Go Digital with Jason Low

Every Wednesday stay tuned for new shows as Jason Low interviews entrepreneurs, business owners, startup founders and soft solution providers alike on what it takes to grow your business to the next level with digital transformation!

There are many entrepreneurs in/from Melaka being featured on his show:

Startup Melaka: behind the scene 📈

We recently hit 1,000 members in our FB group. Created since 2015, we've rejected hundreds of membership request to ensure the community group is safe and valuable for everyone.

Our 1,000th member

If you're wondering how we gathered the right people in be in the group; it is mainly contributed by:

  • Word of mouth <-- thanks to the community who help spreading the word!!
  • 'Startup' way of marketing: we track certain keywords online (media monitoring) to identify the right people, and reach out to them.

Media monitoring to identify: entrepreneurs, techies in/from Melaka, or anyone who is interested with tech & startup scene in Melaka

online media tracking

and reaching out to them

reaching out

Who's in the group? We welcome anyone:

  • who live in Melaka, from Melaka, or visiting Melaka (incl. foreigners).

  • who wish to connect with Melaka community [Investor, Media, Government, Corporate, Entrepreneur etc]

Reason for joining?

Some are here to learn more about tech & startups, connect with new people, or seek help; some are ready to support and give help too.

But NO, we don't approve request if you use a FB page or suspicious profile; it is also mandatory to answer the simple questions.

Of course, to craft meaningful friendship too, through foods! 😋

It takes a village to make great things happen..

Examples of collaboration that happen organically:

  • traditional business owner asking question about digital marketing and cloud solutions.
  • e-commerce company asking for technical help, and getting help from developer of a tech startup company in Melaka.
  • individuals seeking advice or partners to start a new venture or project.
  • tech startup companies collaborate for cross-marketing & resource sharing.
  • sharing events and useful information to community.
We also try to push for more exposure & opportunities for startups based in Melaka via:
  • website (recently received Google grant to push search traffic),
  • email newsletter (500+ subscribers),
  • FB group (1K members),
  • and different partners. 

📢 Wanna attend BaseConf2020? Use our promo code to get 10% off: STARTUPMELAKA10 , here are some reasons why you should not miss the biggest tech conference in the region.

Need Help?

We've seen many cases of companies and individuals facing difficult challenges and eventually giving up without seeking help or seek help too late.

"I spent RM XX,XXX in the last few months, and it's not working.."

There's a high possibility that the business or technical challenge that you're facing, it is also faced by someone else before. They might even be able to give you advice and feedback right away, that can help you to do better! We wanna make it easier to seek help, whether is openly in the group or to seek help directly from individual mentors.

We've updated the opportunities section in our website, where you can find details of coworking spaces, startup offices and community groups in Melaka.

Feel free to reach out to them to seek partnership, join their teams, provide support or seek mentorship.

Looking to join a startup team in Melaka?

☝️ MMT team - one of the leading ecommerce companies in Melaka.

Some of the startups in Melaka that are actively hiring interns and full-timers all year long:

Interested to start a new venture or even just testing out a small project?
There's also a list of free tools, online course, to help you get started. We will update this list regularly, feel free to share useful resources with us too.

and what's next?

People have been asking 'when is Startup Weekend Melaka?' It is obvious that we hosted less events in 2019 comparing to last year. Next year, we wish to bring more meaningful programs and collaborate closely with different partners: universities, government, private sectors, communities and more.

For Community, By Community #GiveFirst

To help us achieve better, we need your help, we need you (peeps in Melaka) to tell us what help you need, and suggestion for programs, to spur tech & entrepreneurship ecosystem in Melaka.

Everyone can play a part in shaping the ecosystem in Melaka. Here's how you can also contribute to the community:

  • Share useful information, seek help or offer support in the Startup Melaka FB Group regularly. [New FB Group feature: you can now offer to mentor someone or seek mentorship in the group.]
  • Invite right people to the group: whether it is a entrepreneur or tech guy, or anyone who is genuinely interested to learn about tech and startup in Melaka.
  • Introduce partners to push tech and startup scene in Melaka
  • What about you leading a program or initiative for community in Melaka? and having support from Startup Melaka.

Have anything to work with or share (idea, problem) with us?

Contact us, chat directly, or shoot email to

It can be any suggestion: startup challenge, loan/grant/fund, accelerator program, workshop, hackathon etc. We're interested to hear about your challenge and problems too. We will review your feedback and do our best to curate the right opportunities for Melaka.

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